Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Abyss

I finally dug out the entirely of le stash. Wow. The stash problem is really two separate problems:

1) Large bundles of undesireable yarn, which is embarassing to look at, let alone photograph, or--gulp--take out in public to knit. For instance, this twitsted green and white wool. Also in this category is anything acrylic, which seemingly always travels in large groups.

2) Odd remants of perfectly nice yarn, not enough to make a full project. These are not so bad. For ex: These are the remnants of very cuddly and soft yarn from the sock monkey glove heads, nicely rolled up into center-pull balls.

Actually, there is a combination of the two, and the twisted green and white yarn is exactly this. The initial amount of yarn was so huge, that these 4 skeins are actually leftover from a real FO! I knit this hoodie 4 years ago during a very cold month in upstate New York. The yarn was, sadly, a non-impulse buy from ebay. It's 100% wool, with sage-green and white twisted together. The bad part is that it's scratchy and smelly. In fact, I remember that I'd have to wash off a weird greasy substance off my fingers after knitting for a while. This sweater has been washed numerous times to get the yuckiness out, but it's still itchy, smelly, and greasy. It's in the charity bin, but I feel uncharitable about giving away a sweater I haven't been able to wear even once. But if I frog it, I'll have a superhuman amount of this yarn to knit into something serviceable...

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