Tuesday, January 29, 2008

FO: sherbet toe socks

Toe socks are done! They are for my friend Liz, who I hope can wear them with flip flops during the wintertime in Austin. I used Sockotta yarn, which is a blend of cotton, superwash wool, and nylon. The baby cables broke up the monotony of 2x2 rib for a while, but I still caved early and made them shorter, rather than knee-highs. Unfortunately the color changes all ended up at the cable twist, so the texture is a bit hard to see.
They were knitted initially with provisional cast on at the base of the toes, knitted up, then the toes were added at the end. Each toe was individually fitted to the matching toe from an outline of her feet. These look delicious, like sherbet or gelato!!
These used up 82 grams of yarn, leaving 18 grams. My sister asked why I'm tracking weights, as opposed to length or volume, and the reason is that it's the only thing practical to measure. A bunch of my stash doesn't have labels anymore, which means the length/weight ratio is unknown, and lord knows I don't want to actually measure it out!

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