Thursday, January 17, 2008

brown kangaroos

Some items in my stash I truly don't even remember acquiring. It's sorta like a blackout, or maybe evil knitting gnomes snuck in in the middle of the night and put badness into le stash. Exhibit A: Tan (ugh) Red Heart (ugh ugh) acrylic (ugh) no-dye-lot (ugh!) yarn.

You'll notice that despite my years of stash accumulation over years of poor student life, there is no other acrylic yarn. I have absolutely no idea where it came from. What I find truly puzzling is that it's attached to a half-knitted cabled sweater. I vaguely remember knitting this sweater several years ago, for my now-husband. Thankfully, I did not complete the sweater, and--if the curse is correct--we thus got married. The cables are really fantastic, n'est ce pas? And are the size 8 circs and the stitch holders I've been searching for all these years! I think someone must have dumped their crappy stash on me, and I thought it'd be a quick and easy project for a new BF. Har!

Well, with the new resolution, all this tan monstrosity must be used up. Certainly not in a garment, not even for charity. Toys are a good option, as seem to use up all sorts of yarn and polyfill, without causing rashes. (Besides the yarn stash, there's a pretty sizable sewing stash in the basement). I actually want to make kangaroos, for a sentimental reason, but I can't seem to find a pattern. When I left one country for another across the world at the age of 5, my kindergarten had a going-away party for me. Everyone brought ridiculous gifts, considering I couldn't ship anything else--barbies in giant boxes, huge toy guns (wtf?!), etc. However, one boy brought a clearly-much-loved stuffed kangaroo, not even wrapped. It was so loved, in fact, that the baby roo had been lost and replaced with a stuffed animal puppy. All the other kids thought he was such a loser for giving a used gift, but it is the only one I remember to this day.

So...kangaroo it is! Or, an army of kangaroos. Please send a message if you know of any kanga or roo patterns.

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