Sunday, January 27, 2008

Weighing in

I got this scale, which looks awfully futuristic, considering it is for weighing yarn. Also, it seems strange that only one end is connected, ie won't it read something as weighing more, the further it is from the fulcrum? Or maybe it is sturdy enough that that there's no rotational force, only linear? Someone, please clarify the physics here.

In any case, I've been having a ball (teehee!) weighing things, delighted at how surprising it is. For example, each Saartje's bootie weighs only 5 grams, button included! This is the same as the I-cord on the matching sweater. The Peachy Sweater, for a newborn, weighs more than the Mintchoc Capelet, which is for a much bigger baby. I could go on.

I'm hoping this scale will give me some solid numbers to cling to, when the stash isn't shrinking very fast. Also, I'm planning to collect some data so that I can buy yarn in the future without being so terrified of running out (ie buying another ball or two of yarn that ends up getting stashed).

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Siel said...

Why did you decide to go with weight as opposed to say, yards or mass (how much space the yarn takes up)? The scale looks v. cool -- I'm just wondering how you came to that decision --