Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Boohoo blanket

This is 4 hours of work on the ginormous blanket:
I cast on, knit for a while, figured out I had calculated the wrong number of stitches, and frogged. I cast on again, knit for a while, realized I had cast on 6 stitches too few, and frogged. I cast on the correct number, counted several times, then proceeded to knit in the round in a mobius strip. I cast on again, counted several times, knit 4 rows, and here I am. The chenille releases acrylic fluff in the air, so I find myself covered with little white dots, like tiny little worms.

This is so depressing. I'd be done with a corset tank by now! Or a couple pairs of booties. Doubly depressing is that the house got really cold, because our heater decided to not work for hours, on what has been the coldest day so far. Ice simply formed out of thin air and coated everything. And I have no fuzzy, hand-knitted blanket to keep me warm!

Rachel, for whose upcoming baby I made the sherbet booties, is ready to pop. I'm going to make her other daughter's slippers, as a pick-me-up.

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