Tuesday, February 5, 2008

FO: corset tank

Ok, it's not blocked yet. But still, it's done! This was a very fast knit--amazing how fast tops are when you don't have to do the sleeves.

The hardest part of the pattern was printing out the pattern. Seriously. You have to print the odd pages, figure out which direction/side the pages print out, change the order of the pages, put them back in the printer, print the evens, and hope for the best.

Gauge was impossible. The problem may be that my regular knitting is so different from knitting in the round. I swatched a couple times, failed miserably, and decided just to use 7's. Then I messed up with joining in the round (mobius corset, anyone?), but finally got it together. Poor rms and Rosalia had to sit through my muttering and bitching. Rosalia gets my printout as a prize!

I love the lace pattern around the neckline. I compared this pattern with the free version of the pattern (both are by Annie Modesitt), and the one you pay for is much better in terms of shaping and detail. The free one you knit plain 2x2 rib all the way down the torso, and hope your own shaping is good enough to fill it out attractively. The paying version offers a bit more help.

I had heard there were a lot of errata in the pattern, but it seems that this version (version 6) has fixed many of them. The corset tank ended up great overall, no huge complaints. I did alter the pattern in several ways.
1) Made much shorter, with the waist part 6" rather than 8" This is to mitigate the long torso (aka stumpy legs) problem.
2) Made the hip shaping shorter, doing rows 19 and 20 only once, rather than 3x. I did notice that if one were to repeat them as directed, the stitch count would be wrong.
3) Made in the round, with the center as a cable lace-up pattern, rather than sewing tons of buttons, to echo the waist shaping and to look like the lacing on a real corset. Send me a message if you want the pattern.
4) Made in wool not silk. This is more forgiving in terms of gauge, and for big meals.
5) decreases in rows 17 and 18 in chart C were combined in row 17.
6) mirrored the cables at the waist, to be symmetric

Some complaints include
1) This has to be worn with something underneath, which is hard for a corset tank, which really should be a spring/summer garment. I took pics with black pj's on, as this is not a porno blog.
2) Lace at the hip shaping is a bit floofy and not quite as corset-y as one would like
3) Doesn't actually make one look thinner.

I'll post more pics once the blocking is done. I used 213 grams of this yarn, leaving 63grams! Thanks to making this shorter, I didn't come close to running out of yarn.


tina said...

Yoel!!It is gorgeous! I swear you do not doctor around, you just sit and knit all day! Very productive you are! Laughing about this not being a porno blog------ who knows how many hits you will get when that phrase gets sucked up by Google! :)

Team Knit ! said...

It's SO pretty! I love that you chose yellow, it makes it look s so fresh. Great job!!

- Julie

Siel said...

It's v. cute, and you look thinner to me. Might try it with a white tank top vs. the black one --