Tuesday, February 19, 2008

FO: cozies, plural

Yay! The second mug cozy is finished. I made it shorter to fit skinnier mugs. Here is my weatherbeaten pink travel mug modeling:

I again did a cable down the middle, and changed the last 4 stitches on each side to garter stitch, so it won't roll up so much. See the post on the first cozy for the link to the pattern. I'll be mailing this off to my sister soon!

I used 13g of the same Austerman Step yarn, leaving 1g of scraps. I also used up 6 random singleton buttons, so I've been stash-bustin' left and right! Here are the two sib cozies side by side...aren't they cute?!


tina said...

At the rate you are going you will soon be in yarn shops all over town buying goodies until your head spins!

cute cozies btw

Siel said...

These are v. cute, but I've never actually understood the purpose of cozies for cups. Are cozies for cups that can get too hot? Or are the cozies simply an aesthetic addition?

yoel said...

I think cozies are for (in order of importance):

1) decoration
2) to keep coffee/tea warm
3) to keep fingers un-burnt