Sunday, February 17, 2008

FO! Mug cozy

Yay! I got over my knitting doldrums and whipped out a mug cozy. I was inspired by rms's version, when she brought it to knitting last week. I didn't have the correct weight yarn in the stash, so I altered the pattern for sock weight yarn, added a cable (can never resist), and used leftovers from these toe socks.

Initially I tried to make a headband from the leftovers, based on the Quant pattern, using this yarn. Unfortunately the color repeats are too far apart, and it looked like crap. It was also my first go at entrelac, and I have to say, it's not my cup of tea.

The yarn is Austerman Step, which is specifically made for socks, and has jojoba and aloe mixed in the yarn, for extra freshness. There's nothing gunky about the yarn, so I don't think there's much in there, although the yarn ball band claims the jojoba/aloe will last 30 washes. The yarn has little blotches, so it seems appropriate for a cozy that might get little droplets of coffee on it. Bonus--the yarn is machine washable.

The cozy (or sleeve) pattern is by Danido Crafty, and is really handy because it's adjustable, and narrows at the ends to fit mugs with handles.

I drink 95% of my coffee on the go in a travel mug, which I tend to lose all the time, and is too skinny for this cozy, so I'm going to give this cozy away. My sis, greenlagirl, is the coffee person in my life, so she'll get a little prezzie soon!

There were 28grams of this yarn to start, and 14grams left, so it used 14grams. Since there's enough for another one, I'll try to make a matching pair before I send them off.

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Team Knit ! said...

I haven't seen that mug cozy pattern before, it's awesome! Thanks for whipping up such a great FO!!