Friday, February 15, 2008


I've been neglecting knitting and this blog for the past week, because I started a month in the children's hospital, and my hours are a bit longer, and a lot more exhausting/depressing. This week I've come across "FTT" a bunch of times in charts (ex: "pt admitted for FTT"), and I couldn't figure out what it meant, and finally I had to ask someone. This person, who shall remain nameless, with a look of scorn, pity, derision, and much more, said, "It means failure to thrive."

How lovely, the idea that children are meant to thrive, and if they don't, it means they're not right and need to come into the hospital! At what age are you expected to stop thriving? I can't think of the last time I thought of an adult, wow, s/he's really thriving.

Working in pediatrics always induces an acute, terrible, depression for me, so I am certainly not thriving. I haven't progressed at all on the ginormous blanket, or on the kangaroos, or started on slippers for Rachel's other daughter. I did receive a compliment on my monkey gloves today, which made my day (thank you, anonymous person on the parking lot shuttle!), and I got to say my favorite response to a compliment: "Why thank you, I made them myself!" Maybe, I can get past my own FTT, and make some FOs soon!

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Team Knit ! said...

That is an interesting comment-'failure to thrive'. It's funny how we don't really focus much on thriving once we're adults! Hmmm. That's some food for thought, for sure.

Isn't it great when strangers compliment you on your FOs?!

- Julie