Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ginormous blanket

Emboldened by how fast worsted weight knitting goes, I'm ready to attack the big boluses of yarn I've hidden away for years. I need to make something huge, that will suck up a lot of yarn, but will still look nice. Basically, I need to turn yucky yarn into an un-yucky, attractive product. As I sat shivering in my basement (the basement is always 10 deg colder) looking at my stash, I realized that a blanket is a yarn-user-upper like no other. Especially if it's a ginormous blanket. A felted ginormous blanket.

So the next project will be a Ginormous Blanket, made from this cream chenille. I actually like the feel of this yarn--very snuggly and warm. I got this on ebay, when I was going to make a poncho out of it, that year ponchos were in. There are 2 huge cones of it, in addition to a half-knitted rectangle of stokinette, with the yarn doubled. Yes, it is that long! (It is draped over the back of a couch in the picture; there's quite a bit behind the couch too). I cringe to think this was the poncho I was planning to wear...outside, in public! Did I want to look like a snowperson?!

As there aren't needles long enough to handle the width of a blanket, I'm going to make a few strips, sort of like scarves, and sew them together. I'm loving the look of the cabled scarf, Vintage Velvet by Lisa Daniels, from Scarf Style. This pink one by orata looks lovely, and I hope that this yarn will felt down to that type of texture. Never mind that I've never successfully felted before. This is the sort of blanket my cat is going to love.

I don't have the book, but I looked it up, and the St Louis Public Library has it. I was delighted to find that the St Louis library system was ranked second in the US. My husband raves about their music collection constantly. Embarrassingly, I have yet to get a library card. Now I have knitterly motivation, so I'll go the next time I get out of work on time.

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orata said...

Hi there,
Wordpress told me you linked to me, so I came over to check it out (I'm glad you liked my scarf!) Your blanket looks like it will be very fine and snuggly. Do you know what the fiber content of your chenille is? For it to felt the same way as Muench Touch Me, the yarn used in the Vintage Velvet scarf, it needs to have rayon fuzz around a wool core. I'm not sure what happens if the fuzz part is wool as well as the core, it might just mat up. So washing a swatch is always a good idea. (And if you do have two cones of wool-core rayon chenille on your hands and you don't want to use it all up on the blanket, you can bet there will be plenty of people on Ravelry willing to take it off your hands as a substitute for Touch Me, as long as you charge less than $15 per 70 yards!) Good luck with your stashbusting.