Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Green knitting 2

My sister pointed out that maybe I should ask her my green questions. After all, I have the joy of answering not just her medical questions, but other people's (some strangers') as well. Sadly for me, most questions are not neurological at all, but usually concern weird labs, weird skin things, weird belly pain, etc. I think a med school that focused on...weird science (har!) may be much more useful than regular med school. Not that I'd go through that again.

Anyway, here are my big green questions, for Siel and anyone else who wants to help.

1. Is bamboo yarn actually kinda bad for the environment, because of all the chemicals it takes to turn it from wood to snuggly-soft yarn? What about bamboo cloth? I really want to buy this bamboo bag to hold bread.

2. What should I do with the following: Sno-Bol toilet cleaner, Target brand spray soap scum remover, Windex, and Ajax scouring powder? I can't put anything in the trash that I really want gone, because we have a very active dumpster-diving community in our alleyway. Besides, I'd feel guilty about that.

3. Does clumping cat litter decompose into non-toxic stuff, or am I (or Camembert) polluting the world with permanent clumps of cat pee? The "natural" pine stuff kinda stinks.


tina said...

Well bring on the answers to these questions as I am always wondering ABOUT green, while being somewhat less than. I recycle, do try to watch where my goods originated from, but when it comes to things like cleaning supplies? Honey, I want the house to smell, great and be CLEAN!

Siel said...

I have answers to the first 2. Here's the info on bamboo, which goes for yarn as well as clothes. And here's info on what to do with crappy cleaning products.

Not sure 'bout the kitty stuff though. Will look into it.