Friday, February 8, 2008

New books!

Score! I got a library card, and gleefully went straight for the knitting books. How exciting! You can just take them home, do what you will with them, and take them back! Here's my first load of booty:
I've already marked all the cute projects with little stickies. A quick review:

Afghans for all Seasons by Leisure Arts--all crochet, and dowdy.

Hip Knits by Better Homes and Gardens--not so hip.

Naughty Needles by Nikol Lohr--fun, but pretty impractical. I'll make the nurse cap and eyepatch for next halloween, but the rest seems too...itchy. Nikol seems like she'd be a hoot to have around!

Stitch n Bitch Nation by Debbie Stoller--I know everyone else has this already. Most of the patterns are cute, but just not quite right. I'll try the bowling bag though. As someone who never found her name on "personalized" items, I'll make anything with my own initial on it.

Scarf Style by Pam Allen--this was the reason why I went to the library in the first place. There's a huge range of styles, from super stylish to downright crazy. The mime/clown patchwork scarf is the latter, and it's worth getting the book just to see the pic of the model wearing it--and a bowler hat!

This is such fun. I wish there were yarn libraries, where you could take some yarn home, knit a while, and take it back.

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Team Knit ! said...

I'm all about library knitting books, too- there's no way I could afford every book I actually want a pattern from!!

- Julie