Thursday, February 21, 2008

A platonic, ideal pair

I started a pair of socks for Rachel's daughter, the one with a sister in the imminent future. Sis is getting these sherbet booties. When my (big) sis and I were little, she'd always get the red/pink stuff, and I'd get stuck with what we considered the slightly inferior blue/green equivalents, so this is my chance to say--Mwa ha ha ha! Anyway, I'm making mintchoc socks, made with the rest of the Knitpicks Palette yarn from the mintchoc capelet and mintchoc booties, made for Rosalie's baby:

LOST distracted me quite a bit tonight, so I didn't get very far. Still, kids' stuff goes a lot faster than adults', so I've finished the toes at least. I'm knitting them toe-up, together on a magic loop, as is my habit these days. Still, they are not quite satisfying, and don't really look like socks yet. Maybe socks aren't like socks until the heels are turned? They are about as sock-like as socks can be...plain stockinette in the round, with different colored toes and heels (that's the plan, anyway). Nothing fancy, not even ribbing (woohoo!). In fact, they will be the platonic ideal of socks, if there is such a thing. I hope I don't run out of yarn.

When I was looking at the mug cozies, I was thinking how cute they were, and how great it would be to have a cozy for, ipod, cat, lunch, feet, etc. Then I eventually realized that cozies for feet are called socks. Sometimes, I am too ridiculous!

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tina said...

I hope I get a chance to see these in person, they are absolutely adorable!!!!!