Sunday, February 17, 2008


Kateri, a dear member of my weekly knitting group, came back from her super-secret work travels, and brought presents!

First are gigantic (size 35) needles. She has some giant needles that she uses to whip out all these scarves, and I had been lamenting my lack of huge needles. Look how big they are! (They are next to a size 1 needle, and a pencil.) Almost vaguely obscene. Tis so exciting how fast I'll be able to knit!

Second is a fuzzy striped scarf she knitted. It matches a SweetSkins fleece I got recently! I'm so impressed she wove in all those ends. Each section is a little different--some are seed stitch, some are basket weave, etc. It's very warm and long enough to wrap around my head and neck, so maybe my hair won't freeze on the way to work.

Third--totally not knitting related but even more fun--is a teeny little card case that looks like a secret briefcase. It has two little snaps to open it, just like a real briefcase! I'm so excited to hand out my business cards now!

I love presents, especially unexpected ones. Perhaps I should start giving my gifts after the holiday season too... Thanks Kateri!

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tina said...

Very Cool oh Secret Agent! :)

Those are impressively large needles! I don't know if I have used any that humongo, normally the really big ones are not the most pleasant to use so I can't wait to hear your critique!