Friday, February 29, 2008

Stash update

Thanks to leap day, I got an extra day to get a few more rows done on my chenille blanket, so I was able to beat the stash-busting goal for February. Here's how it looks so far:
The blue line is the goal of knitting 354g per month, if I want to use up all 4248g in my stash by the end of the year. The red line is where I am, which is 3452g currently, which is 399g for February! This month, I finished (and by "finished," I mean small enough that my fancy futuristic scale

can't measure) two yarns: mint Knit Picks Palette, and Austerman Step purplish striped sock yarn.

Finished objets during February are mintchoc platonic socks, two coffee cozies, and a lacy corset tank.

I somehow got a knitting catalog in the mail yesterday, despite trying my best--ahem--to stay off catalog mailing lists. It was good motivation to get the stash knitted away, so I can get new yarn!

For March, the goals are to
1) finish the chenille blanket, especially now that it's becoming spring (hooray!!!)
2) make at least one kanga, if not a roo
3) make a pair of boot socks for the March project, for the Stash Knitdown 2008 group on Ravelry, with the last of the sizable bundle of sock-weight yarn in the stash. It's two balls of Knit Picks essential tweed in Plum. Boot socks seem like a great early-spring thing to wear, and I'd like to optimistically believe it's early spring, now that it's March.

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Jackie said...

Wow. Look how official you are, with you chart and all! I wish I had your motivation. Maybe next year, when I have enough of a stash to make better things. :)