Saturday, February 9, 2008


I did one pattern repeat of the Vintage Velvet scarf, to test how it would felt.

Here's the before:

Here's the after:

Aargh! Orata's comment was right; I guess the center part of the yarn is not wool. Oops. Now it's a non-felted, very clean swatch. At least I learned something. My gauge is all off, but the actual knitting and felting of the swatch took so long, AND it's a blanket that requires no fitting, so I'm just going to forge right on. Also, at least I know I can machine wash and dry this blanket, no worries!

What a pain this whole swatch was! I've never actually blocked or felted a swatch before, so this was above and beyond. I do try to swatch for most things, but find it painful, akin to doing abs--good in the long run, but a huge drag. In fact trying to make myself start a swatch takes more time than to actually do it, much like abs. This is why I'm so impressed by Green Apples, who swatches for fun! It's like meeting someone with rock-hard abs, totally ho-hum about her superiority and lack of laziness. I'm officially ashamed, and vow to do more swatching--and abs--from now on.

Well, maybe having more than one resolution is too much, so I'll start after I finish the stash :) .

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