Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Baudelaire update

The Baudelaire socks are taking a long time. I turned the heel a week ago, and it seems like not much has happened since. It takes a long time to knit knee socks, even if you have really short legs. Especially if your calves are fat, or as Silvana calls them, potato-picking peasant calves. It's quite depressing to measure your calves every half inch, to make sure you increase enough stitches to make the socks fit. Here they are so far. I'm hoping to get them done by week's end.
I've been distracted by work as usual, and by Camembert, who is constantly finding new ways to be bad. This week, she figured out how to get on the fireplace mantel. I just took down the christmas cards from there, which in her defense, was a bit of an invitation.

And today, randomly, I ran into this building being demolished! I had never seen a wrecking ball in person, let alone in action! Isn't this just crazy? I was so amazed, I didn't mind the 3-block detour around the demo site.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I called MY calves potato-picking peasant calves, not yours!!


tina said...

No actually MY current socks on needles are the ones that truly deserve to be called slow. I think I have an inch under the ribbing. A whole inch! :) You can tell, this whole process probably is not my thing.

On the potato- picking thing.. I think I have a potato-picking peasant BUTT! :)