Sunday, March 23, 2008

Cat puppet

Finally free of the baudelaire socks that festered endlessly and prevented other knitting, I started making a cat puppet yesterday, and look how far along it is! It's based on the Kitty pattern by Judy Head (Har! I swear I didn't make up the name), available on Knitty. My husband had been asking for a cat puppet for a while (who's the crazy cat person now, huh?) with which to harass our real cat, and when I ran across the pattern I couldn't say no. The model cat for the pattern is actually quite grotesque:

Something very disturbing about the puffy pink nose and the pale eyes and the weird ears and the red tongue! Very rat-like.

So I modified it, to make it 1) less grotesque, and 2) make it look more like my own cat. Here she is, in all her beauty!

This is what crazy cat people do.

I still need to buy green buttons for the eyes, make/sew whiskers, embroider the nose, and sew on a bell on the collar. But I'm already overwhelmed by the cuteness of the ears and the little tongue!

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