Sunday, March 23, 2008

FO! Baudelaire knee socks

Finally! These were insanely slow going, but they are finally done!

The pattern is Baudelaire, by Cookie A. The pattern has a toe-up heel gusset and flap (as opposed to a regular heel), which was pretty cool to do. I made both at once on a circular, which was a bit tricky with the cables up the sides. I cabled the wrong direction a few times, but left it alone, because it's too much work to take the socks off the needles, fix the mistake, and put them back on. I made these into knee socks, to use up yarn, and just for fun. Some pattern errata and changes:

1) In the lace chart, the two different triangle symbols (decrease 2) need to be swapped on each row. Otherwise each "leaf" in the lace pattern gets a muddy looking edge. In the detail pic below, that's the case for the first couple repeats.
2) Next time, I'd start the heel about 1/4" to 1/2" before it says, because the foot is a bit long. Also, the heel gusset is kinda poofy when you put shoes on. Maybe I'd make the gusset less wide next time.
3) I increased by 20 stitches gradually for the calf. These socks are good because you can try on as you go. The increases are spread out in 4 parts (on either side of the lace pattern, front and back) in a rib pattern.
4) I did a wide 1x1 rib at the top, then bound off with tubular bind off.

I used plum Knit Picks Essential Tweed, a combination of superwash wool, nylon, and donegal. The tweedy little bits are quite distracting and keep falling out. The two balls of yarn were slightly different lengths, so I finished one and left just 1 gram of the other. Hooray for toe-up socks!

These socks are done just in time for easter. I can't go parading about in purple knee socks and white shoes though...Bizarrely enough, it's snowing, with easter church bells clanging. Just a couple days ago it was raining and flooding. Plants must be so confused. I just signed up for a quasi CSA (community supported agriculture) membership at FairShares. I'm going to be splitting it with RMS in fact. The food's supposed to start arriving in a couple weeks, so I hope the plants have a chance to grow before then.