Sunday, March 30, 2008

FO: cat puppet

Here's the completed cat puppet, so fervently wished for by my darling husband:
The first thing he says: "The ears are too far back." Instead of the regular ears stuck on the head, I knit ears that one can put fingers into, to do expressions with the ears. So that one does this inside the puppet:
Unfortunately, the ears are too far back, so the puppet can either talk or listen/emote, but not both simultaneously. Since I'll have to knit another puppet to rectify the issue, I figured green eyes weren't such a big deal for this one. So I used the last set of matching buttons in my button stash, instead of waiting to buy green ones. She has ended up looking a bit rat- or dog-like though. I'm considering using her as a potholder, but I'd probably be so distracted by her cuteness, that I'd let everything burn while cooking.

Poor Cammy has been harassed by the puppet already.

I used quite a bit of odds and ends of yarn, mainly the yucky brown acrylic (same that I'm using for the kangaroos) and some white wool. Total is 75 grams exactly.

The pattern is Kitty, by Judy Head, available for free on Knitty. Pattern notes and changes after I knit the next puppet.

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Hello Dear Blogger,
Nice puppet and Lucky Cammy-seem too happy??? :)
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