Sunday, March 2, 2008

Ginorm blanket

Knitting the ginormous chenille blanket was a dismal failure (here and here), because I kept miscounting the stitches, and just screwing up in so many different ways. Then I was depressed by the thought of having to sew the strips of blanket together, because I don't have any needles wide enough to hold the whole thing. Then...eureka! I decided to crochet, and it's a whole new world of happiness and light! If you mess up on one row, you can just fudge it and fix it on the next. And you can rip out with abandon, because there's only one live loop to worry about. And, it uses up lots of yarn. In fact, ironically, I'm a bit afraid I'm going to run out of yarn.

Here it is so far. It's about 5 feet wide, and a few inches long. I was surprised to find a cable pattern, which I hadn't realized was possible in crochet, and being a sucker for cables, decided it was the one. The pattern is Crochet Cable Afghan, by Michele Thompson. Here is is so far:The cables are really hard to photograph, and the color came out really strange:

It was beautiful and balmy today, but the know-it-alls in my knitting group today claim it will snow again. I guess I can endure one more snow, now that this blanket is working out!

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tina said...

Know it all's? Say it ain't so! :)

Can't wait to see the ginorm in person. Very funny that you are now in fear you will not have enough yarn.

Thanks again for your help on the d%#n socks! I appreciate you!