Monday, March 24, 2008

Manly gloves

The heat in the house, after several weeks of fritziness, finally went out. It is freezing! I can see my breath in the morning. My only consolation is the electric blanket my mother sent me. Thank god she is is obsessed with heating, and warmth in general. (When I was still living under her roof, she'd insist that if I sat on the bare floor without a cushion, I'd become infertile. Wtf?!? I certainly never found any data confirming this during medical school.) Getting out of the cocoon betwixt the electric blanket (sort of like a warm mattress pad) below, and the down comforter above, is nearly impossible in the frigid dawn. All of which makes the loooong winter extra painful.

Anyway, my husband was trying to work on his computer, and found he couldn't use his fingers anymore because they were paralyzed by the cold. He borrowed the fingerless inserts from my monkey gloves:

and voila! Fingers work.

So I'm going to make a pair just for him. I'm really starting to run low on "nice" yarn, but thankfully, I still have enough of this Dream in Color Classy to eke out a pair. It's superwash wool, with really nice subtle color variations. And not itchy, which is my first priority usually.

I originally bought 2 colors of this yarn, to make toe socks for my parents-in-law for christmas. These were done with barely any time to spare, as there were 40 loose ends to weave in (number 3 on the top hate list), just for the toes (2 each for 20 toes)!!

There was a good amount leftover, so I thought I'd use the green (Happy Forest, awww) to make my cat Cammy a sweater, to match her eyes:

Of course, I ran out of yarn just before the end. And being a crazy cat person, I decided she couldn't wear a two-color sweater, and went and bought another skein of yarn. For a cat sweater. That she has worn once, with great shame and discomfort. She hated it so much, that she kept walking backwards in this funny break-dancing sort of gait, around and around the dining table, trying to step out of the sweater. Teehee! When I'm feeling blue, I look at all the other projects made from the same pattern, Cats Love Sweaters (by Christine Landry), by other crazy cat people. Just look at some of my faves!

Julie's Gabby:

Petitbeurre's Bebis:

em255's Abby:

All this (mis)adventure left nearly a full skein of gorgeous green superwash wool to knit up, so fingerless gloves are the perfect size project to use it all up. I'll plan to use the same pattern (for DK weight), but in worsted weight, so they are a bit bigger, and manly. The pattern is from knitphomaniac, Sock Monkey Fingers Popped Out. Of course, they will be sedate and just green, not monkey-like at all. I won't be able to resist putting in a cable or two, but I'll try to restrain myself from putting in any lace panels.

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tina said...

Okay, well first, the cat sweater story was really funny.

The impaired fertility if sitting on a cold floor funnier still. If this logic holds true honey you had better be careful if you are sleeping in a bed with an electric blanket. You shall soon be popping out legions of children! :)

Sorry about the no heat thing, I am cranky just to have mine ON as much as I do. And at 68!