Monday, March 31, 2008

March Stash update

This month I accomplished only one of my three goals, which was finishing a pair of socks. Still, I made a good dent in the stash. I knit a total of 478 grams, although technically it was more than that because I frogged and re-crocheted quite a bit of the ginormous blanket. The current total stash weight is 2974g!! So exciting to pass the 3000 mark. Here's the graph, with the blue line as the goal of 354g per month, and the red line as the actual stash progress.

FO's this month are:

Baudelaire knee socks: 99 grams of Knit Picks Essential Tweed in Plum

Cat puppet: A mishmosh of 4 different yarns were used, total 75 grams. Yarns were Knit Picks Swish in Ballerina for the mouth, some Red Heart brown yarn for the back, white worsted wool for the belly, and green worsted wool for the collar.

Broken heat gloves: 44 grams of Dream in Color Classy in Happy Forest

And I'm chugging along on the blanket, and used up 260grams of cream chenille, plus re-crocheted 70 more.

Sadly, I didn't finish any yarns this month. But I got pretty close with the KnitPicks Essential Tweed in plum that I used for the baudelaire socks--just one gram left! If the two balls had been exactly the same size, it would have been gone, since I was knitting both at the same time and went until one of the balls ran out. Grrr.

I also finished a huge cone of the cream chenille for the ginormous blanket, but there's a lot more to go.

I have a good feeling about April! My goals for the month are:
1) finish the ginormous blanket
2) finish a kangaroo
3) make something to organize knitting needles
4) make another cat puppet, with ears in the right place this time

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