Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Almost FO: Brea Bag

This bag came together really fast. The pattern is Brea Bag, by Norah Gaughan. It's free from Berroco yarns. The cables are especially fun and it's amazing how the pattern suddenly makes a "flower" at the end.

I used 302 grams of worsted weight green wool from the stash. I bought this yarn a looong time ago and have no idea of the brand. It's kinda scratchy, so I'll try softening it with hair conditioner, but I'm open to any other suggestions. I have just 48 grams of this yarn left!

I knitted the strap too, and wove in the ends, so it's basically set to go. But...after looking at all the other Brea bags on ravelry, it looks like it does much better with a cloth liner, for both form and function. So until the liner is done, the bag will remain an almost-FO.

I'm determined not to buy more fabric, so I need some help choosing something from my fabric stash. Here are the options:

There are two silky lining fabrics, silver and maroon:

Other thin fabrics are all cottony: white, a blue plaid seersucker, and blue


I have quite a few thick upholstery/curtain fabrics too: yellow, green, green with swirls, green with leaves


I dunno if the thicker fabrics would work as the lining fabric, but I'm also unsure about using the thinner fabrics on the strap (other knitters have commented that the knitted straps stretch too much and the fabric holds up the weight). Maybe I should do thinner fabric in the bag, and some thicker fabric on the underside of the handle?

Help! Especially if you know how to sew and have an eye for putting fabrics together (I'm looking at you Tina!) . Comment with your suggestions and votes.


tina said...

Crap------------ and I have been horribly behind on blog reading this week! ack! Sorry!

If it is not too late, and it is hard to say without properly fondling them all, I think I like the next to the last green with the squiggles. A really contrasty fabric is fun too but------ it is up to you. The bag is FABULOUS---- I can't wait to see it. It will look wonderful no matter how you line it!


Tarra said...

Hi! I'm in the process of trying to knit this bag. I'm hoping that you can give me a tip because it's not bumping up where it's supposed to. Any help would be appreciated!! Tarra
Thank you!