Saturday, April 26, 2008

April stash update; also, hiatus

At long last, vacation is here! So I'm doing my monthly stash update a few days early, before I leave. This was a fantastic stash-bustin' month, and it's only the 26th! Look at this:
Woohoo! The blue is the goal of 354 grams of yarn per month to finish by the end of the year, and the red is the actual amount of yarn remaining. I used 1257 grams in April. It looks almost sigmoidal (except downhill). If I skied, I'd say we were progressing from the bunny slopes to the, uh, dangerous ones that cause ACL injuries, whatever they're called. In any case, super exciting!

Of this month's knitting goals, only one of four was completed: the ginormous chenille blanket. I did at least start a needle case, but I didn't work at all on a new cat puppet or on the kangaroo (which, btw, fell off the needles accidentally and will probably need to be frogged. Boo.). It was a big crochet month, with three crochet projects, compared

Here are the FO's this month:

Ginormous chenille blanket

Drawstring bag

Cupcake pincushion

Maryjane "skimmer" baby shoes

Elfin baby hat
Brea bag (a sort of FO, since the knitting is done, but not the sewing)

Overall it has been a pretty productive month, mainly because I'm doing little quickie projects, in stead of being faithful to the long-term projects I vowed to finish. Ahem. While I used up a good deal of yarn this month, I officially finished only two, the cream-colored chenille (the biggest constituent of le stash!), and the blue Dream in Color superwash wool.
At this rate, I'll be able to deplete the stash by June, when I'll get some yarn from the Black Yarn Swap. Eeeee!

Goals for May (yay birthday month!)
1. Finish the roo-ful Kangaroo
2. A better cat puppet
3. Finish the needle holder, and make a sewn one too, for circs and dpns
4. Make a queenly cat bed
5. Finish and send off summer baby gifts (x2)

I've shopped, had my nails and waxing done, and have generally gotten way over-prepared for this vacation. I'll be back in a week, tanned despite 50 SPF, and hopefully a bit more relaxed. I'm taking some cotton with me to knit a beach onesie for a soon-to-be summer baby...

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tina said...

Missed you, hope you are enjoying vacay.

How big is the Brea bag????? I so want to see it!