Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Best hunts

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the ginormous blanket is approaching...ginormousness. It now covers the whole seat part of the couch. (The little blue thing in the middle is the crochet hook).

I hadn't planned on making so much progress, when I took it along for a car checkup. I gave a list of seemingly minor complaints (like there's no audible alarm when you don't put on the seat belt) to the car service person, and was told it would take two to eight hours. What sort of range is that? It's like saying someone's between five and forty-five years old. And this was after a 14 hour night shift for me, so I was pretty grumpy and obtunded already.

Anyhoo, I hunkered down and started crocheting. When my wrist started hurting, I started looking around for magazines. After reading Real Simple (which is the Hemingway of housekeeping--it's so deceptively simple that you think, heck, anyone can do that! And then you realize that to have a simple, easy, "real" life, you have to quit work, win the lottery, buy a big house with big closets, get a truckload of organizing supplies, use the same truck to cart away all your stuff, and then buy everything again, but in a matching color. Oh, and get a staff of dozens to keep it all together.), I saw a magazine with a cover story "Ten Best Hunts!" Thinking it was a feature on the world's best treasure finds (like King Tut's tomb) or similar, I was horrified to find that it was about the best places to hunt...for animals. Gross gross gross!

I went back to crocheting after that and whipped out a bunch more blanket. Five dazed hours later I was informed that my car had "serious electrical problems" that would take at least a day to diagnose, let alone fix, and I'd be going home in a rental car. I was waiting for him to say April Fool's!, and was disappointed to realized he was serious. And after a scary ride home, I fell asleep, dead to the world, and when I woke up, the blanket was this big!

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tina said...

I'm sorry that your car is on the fritz. Nothing makes me crankier.

So, when you woke up the blanket was that big? Wow. I want some of THAT for my socks honey. Gimme!