Tuesday, April 15, 2008

BFFO: Ginormous chenille blanket

At long last! The blanket is finished!! I've decided that "FO" is not forceful enough, and projects of this size and aggravation should be deemed "BFFO," for Big F*ing Finished Object.

This wouldn't be such a big deal if I hadn't made so many blunders along the way:
1) trying to felt this yarn, not realizing it cant felt
2) casting on the wrong number of stitches too many times
3) screwing up knitting in various ways
4) changing to crochet, but to the wrong hook size
5) not being able to crochet straight, so the whole thing is a parallelogram.

In the end it turned out alright. It's even pretty rectangular, after doing the edging and stretching it in the desired direction. Best of all, I used up the biggest bundle of yarn I had, which was 952 grams to start. I have just 5 grams left! I was amazed that this blanket didn't turn out any bigger. In fact, it's a smallish afghan. Here it is with a cat on it, for size comparison.

(If you were fooled...that's not Cammy, but a fake cat named Mrs. Chippy, who is made with rabbit fur! She has been a very well-loved and amusing gift.)

The cables don't "pop" very well, probably because of the fuzziness of the yarn, and because the background is so hole-y.

The pattern is Crochet Cable Afghan, by Michelle Thompson, available for free, here. I have much looser gauge than the pattern, and ended prematurely (it should be about twice as long), but otherwise didn't make major changes.

What a relief to finish this! And it's so snuggly and warm, and surprisingly pleasant to have around.

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