Thursday, April 3, 2008

Cables! Pillows!

A pile of catalogs continue to arrive daily, although I haven't ordered anything through the mail in, oh, 10 years. Still, I flip through some of them, and yesterday I found these:
They're cream colored cable knit pillows!

Aren't they awesome?! Actually, I think anything with cables is wonderful. Well, I thought they were wonderful until I went to crate and barrel and found out that the pillows, named Lariat and Cardigan (awww), cost about $100. And it's not like they're made of cashmere/angel wings; they're just cotton.

Still, they're pretty cute, and I'm starting to have visions of cabled pillows for the house, but in bright colors. They look like great stashbusters!

(Btw, I do not get paid anything from crate & barrel, or know anyone who does.)


George ken said...

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tina said...

So get out there and bust some stash!

I have wanted to do some home knitting for awhile now, pillows would be perfect warm weather knitting.

I'll confess to being 100% unlikely to purchase pillows for $100 no matter where they came from. It ls one of those things that we think "I can do that"...... even when we won't. That is the sort of thinking that leads a creative person down the path!