Monday, April 21, 2008

FO x2: yellow baby set

Actually, this should count as 3 FO's, since the booties are two separate pieces. These are for a soon-to-be born baby. Poor summer babies. It's so hard to knit cute stuff for them, or at least anything wearable in the humidity and heat. I don't know whether this one is going to be boy or girl, so I thought some light, crocheted things in yellow would work in any case. I find myself crocheting more, and I must say, it's super fast.

First, the booties. The pattern is Baby Mary Jane Skimmers, by Sylvia Schuchardt (Sylver on etsy). They are too darn cute! The contrast color is on the inside of the sole, and shows up as a thin stripe on the outside. The sole is double-thick, so it's pretty sturdy, almost like a real shoe. And the "skimmer" and "mary jane" -ish parts are so adorable. I wanna make a big pair for myself.

Then, I wanted a hat that would work even in the summer, so I chose the hat from the Elfin Baby Set, from Lion Brand Yarn. It barely covers the head, so it's really more of a decorative, elfin yarmulke...with earflaps.

Yes, I posed a baby hat on a cocktail shaker. Clearly, I'm going to hell in a handbasket, but it's worth it for the giggles. Besides, it's the most baby-like thing in the house. Here's the whole set:

I thought for sure I'd be out of these two yarns, both Louet Gems Worsted (Goldilocks and Citrus), but I used up only 40grams of the yellow, and 12 grams of orange, for both projects, leaving probably enough to make another pair of booties.

Here's a pretty shot of some pansies from Bowood Farms. They're so happy and innocent and cheerful, I couldn't resist. I'm inspired to knit more yellow/purple combos.


mooncalf said...

Those little shoes are FANTASTIC! I had to go and buy the pattern before even reading all the way through your post.

Out of interest - how many yards/metres approx. did they use? I think they'll be great stash busters...

mooncalf said...

I used my head and looked on Ravelry for the yarn so I could answer my own question - about 83/84m


Team Knit ! said...

Ooh, those are so cute! I'm particularly charmed by the booties, I haven't seen that pattern before! Great job.

- Julie

yoel said...

Mooncalf--I didn't weigh the yarn between projects, so the total yarn used (40 grams) was for BOTH projects. I think I used about half of that for the booties, but I'd recommend having about 70% of that, just to be safe. Oh, and you need some contrast color yarn too.

mooncalf said...

Thanks for that - that's a tiny amount! I'm going to have to find more babies!

P.S. I love that a cocktails shaker is 'the most baby-like object' in your house :)