Thursday, April 24, 2008

Freecycle festival

After three (three!) years of living in this house, the junk left behind by the prior owners is finally leaving. Does everyone hate the prior owners of their house? Because mine were awful. We arrived after a 20 hour drive to find that they had not packed or cleaned, save one room, where they suggested we sleep for the time being. Oh, and suggested we leave and get dinner (no, they didn't offer to pay) right then, to give them space to pack. And when they left many hours later, they left behind a mountain o'crap. This included various hardware supplies, wood stains, paints, caulks, plasters, sealers, other unidentifiable chemicals rammed into the basement, and a huge pile of wood in the back yard left un-tidied after they had cut wood to put down hardwood flooring. He insisted that the wood was "firewood," was a "present" for us, and "definitely" wouldn't release toxic fumes as the polyurethane burned off. Then they had the nerve to come back the next day and take the unopened orange juice and strawberries and eggs they had left in the fridge. Oh, and sent their friend to take the barbecue grill, about 2 weeks later. Truly awful, mean people. Did I mention they tried to cheat us on the house price?

Anyway, after thinking "we'll need it one day," we decided that having space and order is good, and having crapola all over the place is bad, especially crapola we're not going to use. So I freecycled most of it. I got rid of the yucky cleaning products I didn't want! And the paltry bead stash, and most of the art stash. The knitting stash, of course, stayed, and the sewing stash...I still harbor hopes I can be better at using it. After the freecycling, donating to various charities, and rearranging, we were able to dismantle an entire cinderblock shelf in the basement, and freecycle the cinderblocks too. Suddenly there's more air to breathe.

Some things I have learned, in case you too, decide to freecycle...

1. Dozens of people want even the weirdest and undesireable things. Don't be embarassed, because other people want your stuff! You will be inundated with the saddest sob stories as soon as you post, so don't walk away from the computer
2. Make sure you post what time you want them to pick it up, preferably the same day. I still have a bunch of stuff that people no-showed, after setting a time for the next day. Same day people are the most reliable
3. Try not to leave stuff out on the porch. A woman came to pick up her decorative item, and we realized it was stolen off the front stoop! (I suspect, by someone else picking stuff up)

1. Show up, on time, with a smile and a thank you. One giant douchebag didn't even bother to hang up his cell phone, put out his hand and said "I'm here for the dog bag," took it, and walked away.
2. Don't steal other people's stuff. This should go without saying.
3. Freecycle what you don't use

I was going to post the pictures of all our stuff pre-give, but it's too messy and embarassing. So just imagine the biggest mess ever, with cat hair all over it.

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tina said...

It has to feel great to get rid of that stuff, more than just the crap but the 'space' left by the crappy earlier owners. You can sort of clean out the bad juju and start fresh.

I have never heard of such awful stuff from a home seller, bless your heart(s)!