Monday, April 14, 2008

Lovely things

Here, I'm stealing a bit from Martha Stewart and her "good things," except maybe I'm not so righteous and upstanding (teehee), and can point out only the lovely things I encountered today, which I have numbered below.

My (1) knitting group met at a (2) chamber music concert today, featuring Configurations (a string trio in St Louis) and two additional guests. They played Quintet in C Major, by Boccherini, and the same by Schubert. It was the first time I've been in a church in a long time, and definitely worth it. They took away all the stress I'd been carrying from the utterly longest and most dreadful day/night shift I had just finished. They also let us work on our knitting (or for me, crocheting) during the concert. What a wonderful (3) combination, needlework and live, intimate music! All those Jane Austen movie characters have it right, imho.

Also at the same church (Union Avenue Christian Church) was an (4) art show for/by a young artist who had died recently. I am so bad at taking notes or remembering details (like his name!), so maybe someone can comment on the details. The art was quite remarkable, especially for a young man. Also, there was food, including (5) guacamole and (6) cheesecake. And (7) Italian sodas. All too wonderful! I really need to get in with the art crowd.

The music ended earlier than expected, so we headed over to (8) Knitty Couture, where we fondled all the yarns, books, samples, and basically everything on display. I was (9) so good and didn't buy any yarn. I lived vicariously through Silvana, who finally bought the (10) yarn (don't remember the name, but it was absolutely gorgeous) that she has been coveting since before the store opened! I picked up (11) Knitting on the Edge, by Nicky Epstein, which I had borrowed from the library before and decided I must have as a, uh, reference source (ahem). I also got the new (12) Vogue Knitting, which has a few lovely (13) knitted dresses. I'd been looking for a good knitted dress pattern for months unsuccessfully, and suddenly they're everywhere! This too is a reference book. It's easier to resist getting more yarn, when you splurge instead on other knitting paraphanelia--ahem--reference works.

(14) Funny conversation today, which I'm still laughing about--
RMS (at the end of the concert, pointing): There's salmonella!
Me: Someone's called salmonella?
RMS: No, Sam and Ella
Tina: Yeah, it's salmonella and his brother botulism.
Silvana: And their cousin E Coli.

Here they are, Sam and Ella.

(Photo from, by Volker Brinkmann.)

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, that was a perfectly wonderful afternoon. Robyn thoughtfully presented me with a stitch counter like hers -- something I had been coveting as long as I've known Robyn!

That was Alabama yarn.

Oh, and it took a while, but I came up with my six word bio:

Scary histories brought me excellent presents.

Thanks! Silvana