Saturday, April 26, 2008


(Oh, I am such an anglophile. Organising seems so much cleaner and efficient, with the s instead of the z.)

Now that the mountain o'crap has been reduced to an obese molehill, I'm organising in earnest. Which, of course, mainly involves knitting, thinking about where things will go, etc, and not so much actual movement of objects. The knitting stash is slowly but surely decreasing, and I think everything, including needles, will soon be able to fit into a little rubbermaid bin, the size used for shoes!! My needles are currently in a big jumble, and since one of my goals for the month was to knit something to hold my needles, I cast on for a needle holder.

The pattern, again coincidentally, is free from Berroco yarns. It's a very easy, mindless stockinette rectangle, which gets felted (cue music of doom). Then there are two strips of un-felted cable (yeehaw!) that are sewn on, and hold the needles. Like this:

I saw this pattern first when I visited my sis, and she had all her needles nicely rolled up. In fact she has two, see them here and here. (ps--she finished her dissertation, so send her a congrats on the shiny new PhD!)

I'm using the undyed white wool yarn in the stash, bought at the same time as the green yarn used to make the Brea Bag, from the same now-forgotten source. This yarn is similarly scratchy, but I wasn't sure about the hair conditioner trick for things that are felted. Anyone with tips?

This is knitted with the yarn doubled, which is the *best stash-busting trick ever*! I have finished two big balls (egad, I hope that doesn't mean weird pervs googling this blog) so far, with the main part of it about 80% done. I'm hoping to have enough yarn left to do the cables in white too, because it's chic, and mainly because I don't want to use up "good" yarn on this.

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