Thursday, April 17, 2008

Yarn kiss

I started on the Brea Bag last night, and finished one whole side. When I went to cut the yarn, there was a knot in the yarn, in exactly the spot I was going to cut! Quelle luck! If I'd been 6 inches off I'd be griping endlessly. Maybe it's because the pope's nearby, or even better, because the yarn gods smiled upon me today.

Dorkishly, I cut it out and saved it. It looks like a little kiss--a yarn kiss for all knitters today! I put it on as a bowtie for Le Petit Prince. This pencil case holds all of my knitting tools, and now, this little knot, to remind me that the little good things are awesome!

1 comment:

tina said...

you crack me up!!!!

I vote for the yarn gods every time!

Now about that finishing one whole side thing............ you are really making me look bad-- y'gotta stop that!