Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Beach onesie

My suitcase finally arrived! In it was the cotton baby boy onesie I worked on at the beach. It's the only cotton yarn in the stash, so it was the no-brainer project to take. I'm using Wendy Cotton Aran, of which I had a little over a ball leftover from a prior baby project. It's machine washable! And purple enough that it's unisex--I previously made a baby girl sweater from this yarn--but not so purple that it's garish.

The (free) pattern is Beach Onesy & Hat, from Lion Brand Yarns. (I thought perhaps "onesy" was a British spelling of "onesie," in which case I'd switch over immediately, but Lion Brand is based in New Jersey.) From the pattern pictures I had no idea that the there was this wavy pattern on the bottom. This is pretty cute, but then there is another wavy pattern made with two different colors, on the waist part, which was excessive. Plus I didn't have any other colors anyway, so I made it a garter band.

Other people who made this pattern had noted that it was huge, so I went with a smaller gauge, the smallest size, and even cut out a few rows here and there. Still, it seems huge. Each of the tiles in the pic is a foot square, so this seems excessive for a newborn baby, especially since the legs are supposed to just be shorts, not long pants.

Unfortunately, I also ran out of yarn. The "bib" part on the back isn't done yet, and a prior UFO from the past isn't going to be enough even if I scavenge it for parts. So I'm planning to rip it all out, and start over. First, I need to get a onesie from the store, just for size purposes, then return it. Don't tell anyone!

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tina said...

odd---- it does look really big. Maybe it is for a Sasquatch newborn? You might be surprised though if you do borrow that onesie for size purposes. Very cute......