Sunday, May 18, 2008

Berry Hill Book Shop

The books are here! The highlight of the trip to Cooperstown was a field trip to Berry Hill Book Shop, which is a used bookstore nearby in Deansboro, NY. It's a humungus barn filled with books, mostly for a buck, and if I were a religious person I'd say it's a good approximation of heaven. It's easy to miss the sign the first time along the highway, but once you're there it's awesome.

It's super cute outside, with the owners' chickens (and rooster) rooting around. They look happy and fat.
Inside the barn are three levels jam-packed with books. The stairs are rickety and the air is filled with the scent of musty, dusty old books (yum!).

In addition to books, they have lots of posters, catalogs, sheet music, art, photos, etc for sale. I almost bought all their sheet music, just for the cover art, then realized I'm trying to cut back on clutter, and don't own a piano.

I surprisingly controlled myself and didn't go too crazy. I recently finished reading The Bostonians, so I thought a 5-volume biography of Henry James would be interesting, in addition to looking very handsome on the bookshelf. I'm always attracted by coffeetable type books, so a few of those made it, including a compilation of medicine-related cartoons by Daumier. In the end, there were too many books to take home on the carry-on, so they shipped the books to us. They finally arrived, and take up a whole couch. (The packing job was amazing btw.)

Sadly, although there were a bunch of needlecraft books, none of them were knitting books. I did get some cookbooks, my fave title being The Busy Woman's Cook Book, from the 50's. The recipes seem starchy and heavy and feature meat, but perhaps there are a few jewels in there.

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