Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Birthday FO: Brea Bag

Hooray! The Brea bag is finished! The knitting was super quick and easy, but it took me over a month to get going on the lining. The lining took 4-5 hours, which I think is longer than the knitting! Still, the lining makes the bag a hundred times better, and it actually seems sturdy enough to handle some weight.

I was too lazy to get the machine out, so it was all done by hand. I used the fabric Tina recommended, which is a swirly green upholstery fabric leftover from a prior ill-fated project. The lining completely covers the inside surface of the bag and handle, so I suppose if I'm in a weird mood I can carry it inside-out.

Just as I finished, I realized with regret that I forgot to put in a pocket! And I don't have the skills to sew one in without having access to the other side of the fabric.

I conveniently forgot to block the bag, but I think the flower pattern still comes out pretty well.
The pattern is Brea Bag, which I did without any changes except to continue the strap all the way around in seed stitch. Yarn is some green worsted weight wool from the stash, too old to know the brand anymore.

I'm officially giving this bag to myself for my birthday today! That and a some cookbooks--and Charmed Knits, hee!--from Amazon. Yay!


RiverCitySTL said...

Happy Birthday! Pretty bag! I've wanted to make that bag, but I am not great at sewing, so the lining part has deterred me.

I hope you have a fun birthday! Are you going to Stitch and Pitch tonight?

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday, and what a beautiful bag!

Siel said...

happy birthday! you could go into business with those bags --

tina said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!! May your year be full of health and happiness and love!

Your bag is gorgeous, you did a wonderful job!!!! WILD APPLAUSE!!!!!!!

mooncalf said...

Many happy returns! (and great bag!)

Kathy said...

Bag is absolutely stunning. Great present to yourself. Happiest of Birthday weeks!