Monday, May 19, 2008

Cat fancy

The cat bed is done, except the blocking. I ran out of the green and white yarn, started on the green (leftover from the Brea bag), ran out of that, and finished up with white wool (leftover from the needle case). I had to tack down the last stitch with another piece of yarn, because I completely ran out of all three yarns! Here it is prefelt:

The faux cat, Mrs. Chippy, lies within.

At Tina's suggestion, I decided to block lightly by hand. I didn't realize that felting "lightly" would take so much f*ing exertion leaning over a bathtub with my hands in boiling hot water! I eventually took to using two woolite bottles as paddles to agitate the thing. A whole bunch of yucky brown water came out, several batches-full, in fact. Then the pattern (Kitty Pi) calls for blocking it over a cake carrier wrapped with towels. Lacking a cake carrier, I rigged up this thing wrapping all my bad towels around a jar. Just ignore my toes.

Here is the cat bed blocking. A bit misshapen, yes, but full of love. And towels.

I'm afraid that this will be one of many cat-related objects in the house which are not actually used by the cat. (See puppet, sweater, talking bird, Mrs. Chippy, and many other toys). In fact, she is amused by anything that is not specifically for her, especially computers and books which are being used at that exact moment. She is so intrusive when I'm on the computer that I almost got one of these:

Then I realized she wouldn't use it unless the computer was also on there, duh.

Pics of the felted cat bed tomorrow or the next day, when it's done. Until then, here's a pic that reassures me that I'm not that cat crazy. (from

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emicat said...

I looks so snuggly comfy that I think the cat will like it.

That one kitty sitter by the computer just cracked me up - I can totally see cats NOT using that but continuing to bother their moms and dads while they're trying to type away.

And that last photo - wow - bet it would be fun as a cat though :) It appears to connect through the entire house, eh? that's crazy!