Monday, May 12, 2008

Farmer's museum

The weekend was spent in Cooperstown, in lovely upstate New York, for mother-in-law's day. I'll post about all the great little places there in the next couple days. Going backwards, we went to the Farmer's Museum on the last day. This is the first museum I've been to in Cooperstown despite multiple visits (I still haven't made it to the baseball hall of fame or the Fenimore Cooper art museum). It's filled with great old-timey stuff, both replicas of actual buildings and interiors, as well as "museum" type displays.

The exhibit in the museum proper was on ice cream...Sadly, I missed the exhibit on spinning and weaving by two days! Still, it's never bad to learn more about ice cream. The best part was all the cool tools they used to use:

A lily-shaped ice cream mold. This is hinged so the final product is a 3-D lily.

Various types of ice cream scoops

The busiest building by far was the general store, not to be confused with the regular museum store. This one was filled with stuff that would have been sold back in the day, although some things didn't appear so authentic. There were some seeds I thought about getting, then thought the better of it after my recent gardening overdose.

The funniest and most disturbing thing was a giant bucket full of back scratchers. Why?!?

The only knitting stuff was modern bamboo needles, and these little scissors made by the blacksmith next door! Actually I'm not sure if they're really made there, but they could be. I wanted to get some, but these definitely wouldn't make it past airport security.

The sheep and newborn lambs were let into the graveyard to mow the lawn. This baby lamb was the cutest, very gregarious. The mamas had kinda yucky, brown, matted fur, and from now on I won't complain about the rare weird stuff spun into yarn, because it must be a pain to get it all out.

My niece had a grand time on the carousel. The best animal was the cat, of course. It's so disturbingly grotesque!

There was an old-school doctor's office, and here are the tools they used to use! I love the contrast of how crazy dangerous they look, and the lovely little case they're in.

Sadly, we had to leave soon, and after a several-hour delay at the airport, I finally made it home. Unfortunately, not much knitting is getting done this month due to travelling. I finished the cable strips for the knitting needle holder, and the felting is done. This is super-exciting, as it is the first thing I've felted successfully! I put the books on there for size comparison, pre- and post- felting.

I changed the cables from plain ones to one that looks like a braid, for kicks, and to hold more needles too. More details on that when the project is finished.

Still no FO's this month, but there will be some in the next couple days...

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Glad to hear you had such a nice visit!