Wednesday, May 21, 2008

FO: Cat bed

Felting and blocking are done! (See here for details). The cat bed took two days to dry, and halfway through I had to put it on other other end of the towel contraption, to make it dry faster.

The pattern is Kitty Pi, by wendyknits. (The increases are based on the Pi shawl). Modifications include knitting with worsted wool doubled, and knitting only 17 rounds (rather than 30) after the final increase. I also didn't do the second row of decreases, because I had switched to slightly thinner yarns.

Despite the overly painful and annoying felting, it's still pretty big, sort of like a kiddie pool for cats (har! kittie pool!). A pillow is not a bad idea, especially since Camembert has taken to using our pillows as her personal chaise longues. I'm disappointed the the walls won't stand up straight. I think a long, thin pillow, that can wrap around the sides and keep them standing up, is in order.

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tina said...

Har indeed.

So------- does the kitty bed have any visitors or is it merely sculpture?

Y'know, if you didn't want to put in a pillow you could purchase some very heavy interfacing, cut to the height of the sides and the circumference adding a bit for overlap, and stitching the overlap---- it would make the sides stand up straight. Just tossing something into the mix if you are set on those sides being firm..............