Thursday, May 15, 2008

FO: needleholder

Finally, an FO this month! In an organising fit, I started a needleholder for all my straight needles, and today found the gumption to sew it together. It's my first successful felted project, so it's doubly exciting.

The pattern is Kable, from Berroco Yarns. I used regular undyed worsted weight wool from the stash, and it's from so long ago I don't know the brand. I changed the cable bands from plain cables to the braid-like cables, cobbled from these Warm Braid Wristwarmers from Wendi Dunlap (Slumberland). I just did the cable part, with two rows of reverse stockinette on both sides. So all the needles bigger than 3's get their own little slot, and it looks so lovely and orderly. Today's brilliant idea was to put all the even sizes one way, and the odds the other, so it's really easy to pick out the right size.

Also, at the very end, I winged a loop out of the two parts of the cable, instead of crocheting on a loop.

Felting the main part of the needleholder was painful, literally. I washed it twice on hot in the washer, placed in a safety-pinned pillowcase (to control fluff) and reached in periodically to get it out to check the size. Holy mole that water is hot! I took it out before the spinning phase (there was other laundry in there) both times, and after the second time, called it a day.

But it's done, and here it is, closed and open:

It's pretty hefty closed, almost as wide as a yoga mat. The fun part is holding it by the loops and letting it unfurl, like a knitting needle door-to-door salesperson! All my straights (including 3 pairs of size 7...where did those come from?) fit in here, except these ginormous 35's from Kateri.

This used up exactly 400 grams of yarn, leaving just 21 grams! Knitting with the yarn doubled is really the best ever.


Rachel said...

Wow, that is absolutely gorgeous! I'm really, really impressed!

Ha ha, your description of letting it unfurl with a flourish made me laugh, too!

That's a 7-letter Deborah, never a Deb said...

That is so cool! I'm really tempted, but already have 2 cloth ones. I really like your modifications.