Sunday, May 4, 2008

Never put your knitting in checked baggage

I'm relieved and happy to be back from vacation. One week is much too long to be away from home and cat. I got some knitting done during vacation, and actually ran out of yarn. Sadly, there are no pictures...Since I couldn't knit on the plane, I foolishly packed all the knitting stuff in the checked baggage, not wanting to get hassled about the needles and scissors. And of course, our suitcase never showed up. Alas, alas, all the knitting stuff is gone!

I had made most of a onesie for a soon-to-be-born baby with cotton yarn, but I ran out of yarn, and the whole thing looked way too huge, so I had planned to frog the whole thing anyway and make it smaller. And it was just a smidge over one ball leftover from an old project. So the yarn and project losses are not terrible, and I only had two pairs of needles in there. What really sucks is that I lost my little Le Petit Prince pencil case with all my knitting tools, like measuring tape, cable needles, row counter, stitch holders, etc. I take--or took--great pleasure in the fact that they all just fit in there. They were all fairly cheapo things and not a huge deal to replace, but they did have sentimental value, especially that pencil case. At least I took a picture of it recently:

Hopefully the suitcase will turn up, but otherwise, I'll be shopping for some replacements, and the WIP can, well, RIP.

The other knitterly thing I did over vacation was read the Friday Night Knitting Club, by Kate Jacobs. RMS had been to a reading and got me a copy. I was really excited, but unfortunately, it was a bit, meh. Even for a beach read, it was really fluffy and flat (yes, at the same time), like a bad Lifetime made-for-tv movie, except you have to read it. And I truly absolutely detested the ending, for the same reason I hated the movie Pay it Forward. On the other hand, it's fun to read knitting-related books, no matter how mediocre. Especially if free. So if anyone wants my copy, let me know--I stupidly packed it in the carry-on, instead of actual knitting!


Rachel said...

That's terrible about your luggage - I hope it still shows up! Did you know that you can bring needles on the plane? I think scissors might perhaps cause some eyebrows, though, so I usually just pack a large toe-nail clipper for snipping.

Hope your bag finds it's way back home!

shopgirl said...

Ack! I'm so sorry to hear about your stuff. Hopefully it will turn up. I'm always so scared to check in anything for this same reason!