Thursday, May 29, 2008

Triple (Tribble) FO

Holy mole these are so cute and fun! I finished a supersecret project (pictures after it's gifted) from some cotton yarn, which I cannot confirm or deny looks like the onesie. The rest of the yarn is in a weird shawl-esque UFO (unfinished object), which I had apparently been crocheting several years ago. I cannibalized it to make the last little bits of the supersecret project, and felt sad about throwing out the rest.

Enter tribbles! I've only ever seen one episode of Star Trek, and it was the one about the tribbles. I'm still not sure what Star Trek is about (why some people are humans, some people who look like humans aren't, why some of them have weird grody prosthetics attached to their heads, and why they all fly around in a spaceship), but I absolutely loved the mod mod (!) outfits and the cool interiors. And the tribbles! It must have been sale day at the faux-fur store.

This is the last of the cotton yarn I have. This weird shawl I was crocheting was done on the diagonal, and I had cut the yarn on each row, so the frogged yarn is in short lengths, and I thought dishcloths would be annoying because of having to weave in all the loose ends. Besides, I'm sick of all these dishcloths that everyone makes. I recently learned about tawashi, basically cute japanese knitted/crocheted scrubbies, and love them mainly for the name. What are they for? Ta-washi the dishes! Har!

The pattern for the Tribbles is free, from 1870 pearl. I used Wendy Cotton Aran, in a blue-purple color. For the multi-colored one, I doubled the yarn with Plymouth Sockotta Sock yarn (previously used to make some toe socks and baby sherbet booties, which is also cotton but has a touch of nylon mixed in, so I thought it'd be good for strength for scubbing pots and pans. Also it's fun and self-striping.). I ran out before finishing, so I used the dregs of some Austermann Step yarn, which I had used for some toe socks and coffee mug cozies. (Btw, my sis gave away the cozies as part of her giving challenge).

These things really multiply fast! I had three made before I had noticed, and there is a wee bit more yarn left. I made one with the two yarns doubled with size 7 needles, and another with just the one yarn with size 6 needles. Then I made the last one with size 11's to make a looser, poofy one to use as a shower pouf. It looks like a bowl of blue ramen noodles, imho. You really can't stop these tribbles from multiplying! Each of these takes up about 15-20 grams of yarn, and I used up all but 20 grams of the purple cotton yarn, plus the rest of the pinky cotton sock yarn.

More next time on the awesome, awesome knitterly post-it notes I designed!

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Rachel said...

Ooo, how cute! A friend of mine knits those using toile that she cuts into strips. It makes the BEST scrubbies! Thanks for sharing the link for the pattern, too.