Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bad behavior, pretty yarns

I was a very bad girl today:

And that's not all! I bought some other as-yet-secret yarn for the Black Yarn Swap too, which can't be shown. I was just going to get the black yarn, but....

I went to Knitty Couture* today, which is sweet and close enough to pop by for one thing. I found it was closed for no reason (aarrrgh!), and had to drive all the way out to Kirkwood Knittery. I really like the selection there, and they were kind enough to open for our knitting group on an "off" day, and RMS works there, but still, it's really far away. So to save on gas, time, and frustration for the next trip, I bought the yarn for my friend Elisabeth's (with an S) shawl for her wedding. After buying it, I'm still torn, and need some help.

Initially, I was going to get some blue/silvery Rowan Kidsilk Night in this color. (Pic from Roman123 on Ravelry)

It's mohair and silk, shot with a little metallic thread. Lovely, and matches most things.

But then recently Elisabeth decided to get an apricot colored dress, and I think the blue/silver might not go so well. (And after some thinking, I do believe she has a pashmina in the same color--ah the advantages of having been roommates!). So after some discussion with the nice lady at the store, I ended up with the Sublime kid mohair blend in the pic above. It's slightly pinker and yellower than in the pic. I thought the color was Shade, but then I realized that the tag meant shade #23. Har! It's 60% kid mohair, 35% nylon, and 5% merino wool (no metallic bits). It passes my cheek-rubbing test for itchiness, which is pretty much the highest threshold for anything calling itself a type of wool.

I want some more visual interest, and not just a huge poof of mohair, so I also got some Habu silk in goldish-yellow (color 13) to knit together. It adds a slight twinkle, and also makes the overall color yellower. The two yarns looked fantastic when the individual strands were put together in the yarn store, but suddenly, I'm feeling anxious. So I need some help:

1) Should I keep the Sublime? Is the 15% of nylon in it a Bad Thing?
2) If I keep the Sublime, should I knit it together with the Habu? Is it too matchy-matchy-but -not-quite with an apricot dress?
3) If I change yarns, do people like slightly spangly yarns for shawls? I wear very plain clothes, at least according to my sis Siel aka greenlagirl (who was voted 24th hottest green girl in the universe!), so I don't know how much spangle other people can handle.
4) Maybe I should go dark? Like this kidsilk night? Or maybe something in a bright light green? Or pink?5) Lastly, I hate to ask this, but, should I swatch before I decide?

After yarn-buying, I went to the dentist and got my first Invisalign tray to fix my teeth. I am such a nerd! (But I'm glad I put off getting braces all this time, because now I can get cool clear plastic trays that I can take out to eat.) And the whole time the dentist was whirring away doing horrible, awful atrocities to my teeth, all I could think of was...whether I'd bought the right yarn.

*edited to add: Knitty Couture was open at its usual hours, 11-8. I just got mixed up and went too early. Did todd wee king sofa am I (read backwards)!!!


Knitty said...

Whadda ya mean? We were opened until 8pm.

Flip Flopping Mamma said...

Can't wait to see what you decide to knit!

tina said...

You know you have to swatch before you decide. I'm sorry, but you do. Think of it as, well I don't know. But you need to swatch.

I think it can be a little sparkly---- that is still "in" and it is for a special occasion, and would dress up neutral clothing later. It is the COLOR I wonder about. Apricot can be really fussy.

Pretty cool that your sister is touted as a hot green girl. Isn't it great that you can BE hot and green? Sort of an oxymoron back in the day.

And I'm laughing about the dental chair as a place for yarn dilemma. It kept your attention off the teeth didn't it???

Finally----- I am in hysterics about your read backwards "clue". You are right, you are a major nerd! :)