Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Even more special delivery!

A package from Beeknitter arrived today for the Black Yarn Swap. So many goodies!! There's a pattern (laminated, no less) for Corinne, a knitted lace dress. There's enough Rowan Cotton Glace, in black of course, to do the project, plus three sets of circs! AND a big button for the project. All that, and she also sent some Anytime coffee beans. She lives in Kent, UK, so I especially appreciate all the little goodies that must have cost a fortune to ship!

She obviously took a lot of care in choosing everything, and did a wonderful job just based on the little questionnaire we had to fill out. All in all, I'm super excited about this project, as I'd been hankering to do a lace dress for a while. I will have to get a slip as well, otherwise it's rather racy...

And no, this doesn't count as stash yarn, because it's off limits (well, maybe a lil swatch is ok) until the real stash is gone, and besides, it was a gift. :)

Thanks Bee!

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