Sunday, June 15, 2008

FO: black goldfish

Here's a little finished object from a while back, I just wanted to wait until my recipient for The Black Yarn Swap (Sabrina, the swap organizer, at My Knitting Basket) got her package. It's a little crocheted goldfish, filled with catnip, for her kitty to enjoy. So bug-eyed and cute! The pattern is Goldfish Cat Toy, free from Lion Brand. It's supposed to be longer and skinnier, but something's wrong with my crochet gauge, and no way am I going to swatch in crochet...for a cat toy. I used up 6 grams of some DK weight black wool, leftover from a pair of gloves.

I started on Pasha the Penguin (from Knitty) today at knitting group. It's knitted bottom-up, each color separately, and I ran out of black yarn just as I was rounding the back part of the head. Oh lordy. I so so regretted making that goldfish with black yarn!!! I frogged halfway, shortened the back 8 rows, and knit all the way back. Now I'm all done except for the wings, for which I have no black yarn left! Unless I can scrounge up something, he is going to be a double amputee. I also ran out of the yellow, so the underside of one foot is going to be white.

Cammy went for her yearly checkup at the Cat Clinic this past week. She's always been gloomy and hissy at the vet, but this time she was an absolute terror. After the visit, the vet and his technician were saying how she wasn't the worst cat, but the #2 worst cat. It turns out that #1 bad cat was the technician's cat, who attacked the vet when he was brought to be euthanized. Poor kitty. Then I realized, that poor kitty is dead, and thus...Cammy reigns as the baddest living cat at the cat clinic! I am secretly proud and ashamed of her. Back home, she is back to her usual, loving, not-crazy-violent, normal wonderful self. Here she is, helping with the knit photography:

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