Friday, June 6, 2008

FO: carrot

I've decided to try to finish a tiny project every day or so, to use up the dregs of the stash, and to keep me going through the remaining "big" projects. Yesterday I finished a secret project, which I'll post once it's received. Today, I decided to use up the rest of the orangy-brown Louet gems yarn, leftover from this hat. I'd tried to use it up with these baby shoes/hat trim, but there were still 6 grams left.

I started on a carrot, pattern by Tracey Kay (available here as a free Ravelry download). This one is knit "top-down." I'd just rounded the fattest part of the carrot, when I realized I'd run out of yarn (that's all the rest of it in the picture).

So then I frogged and crocheted this carrot instead:The pattern is by Catherine Lindsay (, and you can make the carrot small, medium, or large. It's "bottom-up," and you can choose the size as you go along, which is great for using up yarn. I used all but 5 inches of yarn! I used some scrap green wool yarn to make a wee pompom for the leaves (It was frogged yarn, so the leaves are naturally crinkled-looking). The carrot is stuffed with polyfill and catnip, for Cammy's enjoyment. The whole thing took 20 minutes! And another yarn is finished! Lil crochet projects are so quick and briefly euphoric...a bit like crack but less addictive. And this one was particularly euphoric for Cammy, as you can see in the top picture.

I was worried that the carrot would look too phallic. Mainly because during last Sunday's knitting group we all had a big laugh over the scarf pattern given out at Stitch & Pitch for the "Go Red for Women" heart awareness month. Unfortunately I can't find a picture, but imagine the end of a scarf glommed onto the top of a heart so it looks like a giant phallic thing. Then we giggled some more at the "wand case" in the Harry Potter Charmed Knits book, cause that's a dildo cozy, if there ever was one. So anyway, I'd worried about the carrot, but it turned out very carrot-like and not weird and pervy. Whew!


tina said...

The whole post was funny but I have to tell you that the top down carrot thing really got me going.

A top down carrot!!!! HAAAA!

Ellen said...

Very carrot-looking - no worries there!

Team Knit ! said...

Love the little carrot- and hey, it it had been a bit pervy, it just would have been funnier! I'm really impressed with your destashing method. I'm nowhere near that kind of dedication to dminishing my stash whatsoever. You totally made my day this morning when I saw your comment on my last blog post, by the way. :D

- Julie