Monday, June 16, 2008

FO: Penguin

Oh, I luff him!

The pattern is Pasha the Penguin, from Knitty, by Alexandra Virgiel. The short row shaping in this pattern is amazing! Look at the pot belly on this guy! Pattern modifications were only because I ran out of yarn, and include the following:
1) On the back part, the second of the 13-row repeats was shortened to 6 rows
2) On the front part, I did the belly short-row shaping twice, and did not do any rows to make up for the third one
3) Switched to yellow on the front part one row early, and left out two of the "work even" rows at the end.

Oh, and I ran out of yarn, so I agonized about what color arms to give him. I then realized one of my cashmere tanks had gotten a hole in it, and I'd been planning to cannibalize it to sew something, so I used a smidge of that to make the flippers. And, obviously, one of the soles of his feet is white, because I ran out of yellow.

All three yarns were used up, including 15 grams of DK weight black wool (don't have the brand anymore), 7 grams Louet Gems Worsted in goldilocks, and 14 grams Rowan RYC Cashsoft Aran in Cream. Only 7 more yarns to go!

I'm so excited about this fella! I love penguins and puffins, although I hate/am terrified by birds as a group. In fact, my wedding cake topper was two lil penguins, one with a veil and the other one with a bowtie. And my knitting bag is a Puffins cereal canvas bag. I'd gladly make another Pasha, except...I don't have any yarn left!


soknitpicky said...

So cute! And very clever fix for the wings :-)

tina said...

the cutest thing!!!!!!! turned out adorable!

You are a tres clever girl!

Priscilla said...

I love penguins, too, and yours is adorable! I think I need to add that pattern to my queue.

(P.S. I had penguins at my wedding, too. I had bride and groom stuffed penguins who watched over the gift table.)