Monday, June 23, 2008

Kangaroo anatomy

The kangaroos are the LAST big project left from the stash, and I've put them off long enough. I'd put all of the kangaroo krap into a big kanvas bag and hidden it away. There's nothing like blogging to keep you accountable--I started them on January 19, and last worked on them on February 10, over FOUR months ago. Well, yesterday I pulled out the kanvas bag o'kangaroo and realized that when I swapped out the size 7 dpn's needed for another project, I had dropped the stitch markers. That, and there's a loose wrap in the short rows in the head. And I wanted to make sure the pattern I started over.

Here's the new one, standing over the half-knitted old one.

We had a lovely time at knitting yesterday, and RMS was kind enough to look up some kangaroo anatomy on her super fancy phone/internet-surfing device. Important information we all learned:
1) Male kangaroos do not have pouches, while female kangaroos obviously do
2) However they all have nipples

Things that are still unknown:
1) Where the nipples are located on the male kangaroos
2) Whether female kangaroos are born with a pouch, or if they develop later on

In any case, I'm making the Jill right now, so I'll put in a pouch, but I'll need to do some more research before I can make the Joey (I think it's the same name whether boy or girl kangaroo) or the Jack. And don't worry, I won't be knitting (or embroidering) any nipples or other R-rated body parts.


tina said...

Damn, and I was really thinking that x rated kangaroo parts might be phenominally interesting!

I think you should LINE the jill's pouch with a really fun and bright fabric.......... it would be such a cute little surprise!

yoel said...

Ooh, a lined pouch would be so cute! Will have to figure out how to incorporate that into a stretchy pouch. Maybe, erm, stretchy fabric.