Sunday, June 1, 2008

May Stash Update

May went by too fast! I can't believe it's the last month of the (academic) year, and now I really want to finish up my stash and start afresh for the new year.

Here's the graph of the yarn, with blue line the goal of finishing by the end of the year (354 grams per month), and the red line the actual yarn used. I used 907 grams this month, leaving 810!! Hooray for three digits! The end is near!

FO's this month include a needleholder, a cat bed, tiny hat and booties, a supersecret project that may or may not be a onesie (not shown), three tribbles, and a Brea birthday bag:

Yarns finished this month are the white wool, green wool, green and whitetwisted wool, Sockotta pinkish sock yarn, and purple Wendy cotton. Or actually, I confess there are still 20 grams of the purple left in a failed prior crocheted shawl. I cannibalized most of it to finish the secret project and the tribbles, and just the "point" of the triangle is left, so if frogged it would all be in several short lengths, not good for any projects. So I hate to do it, but it's going in the trash! At least it's biodegradable. I also used up quite a bit of brown acrylic red heart yarn swatching lace and figuring out decreases, but there's a long way to go before that yarn is finished.

Of my May goals, I did three of five: a queenly cat bed, a needleholder (although I didn't sew one for circs and dpns), and two sets of summer baby gifts (haven't sent them off though). I still haven't finished the roo-ful Kangaroo, or made another cat puppet.

For a brief, shining, moment, I had only one WIP, the kangaroo. then I cast on another project, a baby sweater. My knitting group (hello ladies!) was so lovely today, and it's always cheerier to be casting on something new.

My goals for June are pretty simple:
1) finish the kangaroo
2) finish the stash!!

Wish me luck. I just got my assignment for the Black Yarn Swap, plus I need to start on a wedding shawl for August, and I want to get the stash cleared out before the new yarn comes in!

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mooncalf said...

That is amazing progress - it is so exciting to be so close to your goal! I'm rather jealous...