Thursday, June 12, 2008

Triple FO: Lazy-Daisy Set

Well here it is at last, after blocking and decorations. The pattern is Daisy, by Stephanie Pearl McPhee, from Knitty. The pattern was very altered in that I made it as an actual raglan sweater, instead of doing the sleeves separately from the body. I also added the lace (rather than 3 rows of boring seed stitch) at the ends of the torso and sleeves; the pattern is Arbor Lace from Knitting On The Edge by Nicky Epstein (review here).

I decided not to embroider daisies all over the sweater, not only because it's grotesque but because my hand-sewing skills are pretty pathetic. So I made a big pin, Sex-and-the-City-style, to tie everything together. (Btw, I loved the movie!).
As you can tell from the back, my sewing is pretty bad. With all the different colors, I ended up with quite a few loose ends, so I knotted them and covered them up with a little piece of fabric. Then I sewed on one of the safety pins I saved from my neurological duties.

The pattern is a combination of the two flowers, Five Petal Flower and Crochet Picot Flower, both by Julie Armstrong Holetz (SkaMama). The first four rounds of petals were done as the Five Petal Flower pattern. Then I adapted the "leaves" from the Picot Flower pattern, but bigger. To do them, do *sc, hdc, dc, tr, tr, etr, picot, etr, tr, tr, dr, hdc* in each*5ch* space. "Etr" means treble crochet, except add an extra *yarn over and pull ONE loop through* at the beginning (sort of like the "edr" she has described very nicely, except with treble crochet).

The hat pattern is Berry Baby Hat, by Michelle Sabatier (randomstitches). I ran out of pink halfway through, so I switched to yellow before proceeding to the green "leaves." This is a super-easy, quick, and cute pattern! It looks more like an upside-down tulip rather than a berry, but nice nonetheless.

The buttons of the sweater were made as follows with crochet:
Ch 2, sc 6 into first ch, cut and pull yarn through. Using needle, pull free cut yarn to center of "button." Tie square knot, and cut loose ends.

Here are all three finished objects together. The hat is being modeled on a jar of red lentils. (I ate the butternut squash who was my prior baby hat model).

All in all, I'm really pleased with these projects because it's really cute, used up a lot of random skeins of yarn, and everything still works harmoniously. The yarns used are
-Knit Picks Swish Superwash wool in Ballerina
-Louet Gems Worsted in Goldilocks
-Dream in Color in Happy Forest

I finished only one yarn (the Knit Picks), but only 7 grams of the yellow Louet and 3 grams of the green Dream in Color are left. Hooray!


Rachel said...

I think you did a fantastic job on that sweater and hat, and what a clever idea to sew fabric on the back of the flower! I'm going to have to remember that - it's really useful when it's time to wash the sweater, too!

tina said...

I was anxious to see this in person and LOVE IT!!!!! I really hope you can teach me how to crochet those cute little flower pins.

And btw, you did not do a bad job at all, it is wonderful!

GREAT little set, love love love it!